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Flower Essences

By Philip Levine

The Horoscope, the Baby and the Bath Water

The Mystery That is Astrology

By Bill Sheeran

The Nature of Astrology

On Prediction and the Unpredictable

Generational Themes


Candy Hillenbrand

What's in a Name? ~ Deconstructing the Roots of Astrological Meaning

An Archaic Astrology Cast Adrift in a Post-Modern World


By Jayj Jacobs

Thinking about Thinking


By André Donnell

The Philosophy of Science and its Implications for Astrology

Toward a Social Astrology: Recognising the Social Character of Life


By Dale Huckeby

Life Changes: Transit Cycles and Astrological Theory

Astrological Correspondences: The Patterns in Our Lives


By Shelley Jordan

The Repression of the Feminine in Astrology

Transits and the Path of Transformation


By Brian Clark

Pelion: The Land Apollo Loved


by JRW

The Hunt for Chiron's Cave


by Guy Healy in "The Weekend Australian", Oct 24-25, 1998

Good Heavens, an Australian Zodiac