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What Astrology is...and is NOT

By Vanessa Starr, M.A.

Natal, or genethliacal, astrology, is not a deterministic science. It is not a replacement for personal responsibility and decision-making. The heavens do not "compel", they represent and symbolize. The well-known phrase AS ABOVE, SO BELOW does not mean that we are prisoners of our fate, but rather that the heavens act as a mirror which reflects our energies, choices, and purpose.

A birth or natal chart is a prefiguration of characterisitics, circumstances, susceptibilities, and challenges which, through your free will, you may accept, alter, temper or manage as you will. You are the living manifestation of your birth chart --YOU are its meaning. A birth chart has no meaning apart from you, your choices, and how you express its energies.

Two people born at the same moment and place may share exactly the same birth energies, but each may choose to express those energies differently. Astrology celebrates the complexity and uniqueness of each individual.

Energy, not matter, is the stuff of life. Matter is energy made manifest, whereas the soul is pure energy. If you don't believe you have a soul, then you should stop reading now. A birth chart represents the soul's entry into the world of matter--at a particular time and place because once soul-energy enters the world of matter, it becomes time- and space-bound.

Since our soul energy is part of all other energy, including the cosmic energies, the birth chart symbolizes the state of those energies which coincided with our moment of birth. This is why the birth chart is often called THE BLUEPRINT of the soul.

The interaction between soul and karma (action) resides in the realm of choice and will, projected into the world of matter. Astrology is a belief system, which takes for granted that each unique life has a purpose (dharma) and takes action according to that purpose.

Astrology is also a symbolic system which encompasses fate, free will, and our relationship to the cosmic will, or Creator. Its world-view invites you to align your soul's purpose with the cosmic will by fulfilling your potential as an individual--and Astrology's techniques and traditions are superbly suited to this goal. Not a New Age at All...

Ancient Astrology was only one of many disciplines that comprised an integrated natural science which included alchemy (now medicine), botany (herbalism), and wholistic healing. All of these in our day have become fragmented into very separate disciplines, but, in fact, the so-called NEW AGE is a return to a very ancient age and philosophy of life.

Copyright by Vanessa Starr
All rights reserved

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: VANESSA STARR, with a special interest in horary astrology, is also a Tarot Consultant, corporate editor, and teacher of English as a Second Language. The symbolic orders her existence and she has no patience with fortune-tellers. She and her husband, Gary, are owned and operated by their Bouvier, Fred, and their cat, Coco. Vanessa was awarded her Master's degree in 1986 in the field of semiotics/psycholinguistics, and, apart from a growing interest in mundane astrology, she is planning to experiment with Pet Astrology. Feel free to email your thoughts and comments to garcyn@total.net

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